Popular Styles Of Interior Design

Interior design is a profession which includes many facets to it. This is because it includes communicating with the stakeholders, conceptual development, as well as the management and execution of the design.
While there are many interior design styles whose name we have heard, we still need a bit of brushing up in terms of its details. So let us look in more details the most popular design styles. This can come in quite handy when you are looking for inspiration for redecorating your home.

Mid-century modernHouston residential interior design

The mid-1900s produced some of the most iconic pieces in modern design. It is marked by elegant lines and chic minimalism, with frequent use of molded plastic, natural wood, and aluminum. Its pieces are versatile and can complement other design styles.

Industrial modern

This is a look which dates back to the turn of the century industrial era when all the steel and other materials were being produced in abundance. It emphasizes on the frequent use of raw steel. Exposed brick elements is also a very common feature with this style. However, the modern style usually includes décor of varying tones of copper.


The nautical looks reflects the laidback nature of English beaches. Mainly focusing on the colors white, blue, and shades of cream, it reflects relaxing, positive, and a warm vibe. The traditional decorative accents are unfinished wood pieces, seashells in clear jars, and ropes. For added effect, you can even hang a hammock.


The Scandinavian design brings a minimalist and populist look. It features gentle and rounded contours in warm colors. The Scandinavian design has a tendency to bend and mold materials of various kinds.


The Boho or Bohemian design captures the carefree lifestyle of this namesake lifestyle. It features a heavy use of vibrant colors, especially those with purple or red tones. The key to nailing this design is to create a perfectly messy look. For a warm feeling, layer on pillows, throws, rugs, and tapestry. However, it should be kept in mind that Bohemian pieces are very rare to find. Because of that, it carries with it a high price tag.

Transitional/Corporate chic

Even though transitional and corporate chic are two very distinct styles, they can still be grouped together because of the large number of common features that they both share. The main focus is on attaining balance – not too cold, but not too formal as well. Contemporary chic is more fluid than the modern design and is also cleaner than the traditional look.

Japanese Zen

The Zen décor focuses on giving a relaxing and therapeutic feel to the home. It emphasizes on natural wood and stone elements, furniture which is ground level, and lots and lots of open spacing.

Vintage/Shabby chic

This is seemingly considered to be a cross between Boho, industrial, and traditional elements. The vintage design aims to create again the rustic flea market look. It uses wooden furniture with it slightly peeled off to show the wood underneath. The accents should have traditional flair by using light colors.

And so it brings us to the end of the famous interior design styles which are currently the rage now. I hope all this was helpful in broadening your knowledge about the different styles.